Fall & Architecture in Montreal

Snapped some photos while wandering around drizzly Montreal–which, for the record, instantly became one of my favorite cities in North America. Are you looking for a super walkable city, with great food, awesome murals and alot of energy? Go to Montreal.  

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Future of Storytelling

Recent Awards and Honors

The past month has been a fun whirlwind of events that I have succinctly distilled for you in six bullet points and one gallery! Hollow won the Excellence and Innovation in Visual Storytelling award at the Online News Association Awards! See Tricia and I accept […]

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How to pronounce Appalachia

Screenings, Updates and T-Shirts

We sold out of the first 100 t-shirts and have ordered more! If you place your order now, expect your t-shirt to arrive in 3-4 weeks. The Revivalist gives their thoughts on the [app-uh-latch-uh] tees Luckily, there’s no need to correct anyone’s pronunciation anymore. Just slip into this instructional t-shirt the […]

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Story & Heart Profile

Story & Heart has launched!

Two months ago I stumbled onto Story & Heart on Twitter. It was marketed (very quietly) as a story-driven stock footage site. As a filmmaker and journalist, who is constantly documenting life, I was thrilled. The idea that I could potentially make money off of work […]

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Pit Of Dreams: Afton, Virginia

After picking peaches nearby, we randomly stumbled on the “Pit of Dreams” mud bog event. A look under the hood of a 1983 Ford F-150 after mud bogging.     Alex Taylor,19, has been mud bogging for two years.     Ramon Sigala and Megan Lovejoy.  

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